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  • FLM5123GSS
  • FLM5123GSS
  • FLM5123GSS
  • FLM5123GSS
  • FLM5123GSS
  • FLM5123GSS

Adopting self-priming double stage centrifugal pump, through the chassis engine power transmission; Take the low irrigation work patterns of domestic initiation.
The high water spray gun , locates at the back of the body, controls flexibility, and has big working angle range which can be used to spray a variety of height and  remove some not easy to clean sanitation corner. Also has the function of auxiliary fire and high water spray gun can be adjusted pillars or fog.
Equipped with left middle pillar side blow and right rear pillar side blow device, nozzle can adjust up and down, right and left 360 °.
Rear bumper is equipped with two nozzles, used for daily watering, humidifying and dust homework.
Switch control valve parts and sprinkler system pipe all adopt corrosion resistant material. Water storage tank made of high manganese steel and inside after the special craft processing, no rust. (Stainless steel tanks, left and right side of the water the flowers, rear spray dust, emergency fire interface and self-priming function are all optional).
Whole vehicle control adopts advanced pneumatic system of the high reliability and no pollution, all road operation function can be operated in the driving room.
The vehicle has compact layout, reasonable structure, large tank volume and long working hours.
Water tank is equipped with low water level sensor alarm system, alarm automatically when water level is low.
Pavement cleaning, around the flower of all labor, former high water spraying device are optional.

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