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  • FLM5123ZYSD5K
  • FLM5123ZYSD5K
  • FLM5123ZYSD5K
  • FLM5123ZYSD5K
  • FLM5123ZYSD5K
  • FLM5123ZYSD5K

Using Japanese high-intensity u-shaped integral truss groove as the working rail of the garbage push board, the compression capability is strong, non-deformability is good.
Refuse containers and other major components is produced by the steel plate B480GNQR which has high strength with weather-proof and uses arc design to have large effective volume and the overall structure performance is outstanding and the shock resistance is strong.
The hopper filling mouth installs the seal cover plate can effectively prevent the secondary pollution of garbage and stink.
Configured with high-capacity waste water tank and combined with the diversion type waste water device can drain the leaky waste water which because of failure of sealing strip between hopper and refuse container to the special waste water collecting containers to prevent the secondary pollution caused by waste water leak effectively.
As the joint part between the hopper and the containers uses the adjustable hydraulic locking seal technology, the leakproofness is good.
The slide block of push board use the high-abrasion-resistance alloy material to make it has long service life.
With multiple security protection measures such as slide-board upward and scraper blade button, emergency stop button, the interlock switch poles and safety jackstay of hopper device to prevent falling and self-locking function of hopper lifting oil cylinder to ensure the personnel safety.
With imported PLC programming and intelligent control system, it can centralized control in the cab; with automatic and manual two sets of control method, it can control the vehicle in the cab, the middle of the carriage or in the rear part to make sure it work convenient and efficiently.
Equipped with night working light to make it’s convenient for the sanitation man to work at night.
Equipped with two-way compression function to make high compression efficiency and big waste loading capacity. When unloading, after the hopper lifting put in place, the scraper blade and slide board automatically cycle once to clear up the residual garbage in the hopper.
Equipped with weighing system with weighing alarm, accumulate the number of trash discharge and weight function can better cooperate with transshipment garbage statistical weight control.

According to user requirements it can equipped with all kinds of garbage lifting device.

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