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Product Features

  Adopts double engine configuration, high pressure water pump by vice gasoline engine drive, do not interference with the vehicle when walking and can randomly adjust speed and vice speed according to road conditions.
 Deputy gasoline engine sits at the back of the water tank and can reduce the influence of noise and emissions to the driver. The Deputy gasoline engine charged up and shut down can operate in the cab.
  Former cleaning device, columnar cleaning device for single point, manual spray gun, hand push type nozzle cleaning device form the cleaning device. It has variety cleansing function to meet different pollution degree of road surface cleaning and maintenance.
 When the front cleaning device is working, high pressure water flow can form a complete cleaning plane with electrical control and rotation of 12 °and the deflection of around 18 ° to keep good cleaning effect.
 Columnar cleaning device for a single point are all operated by electrical control, the driver in the driving room can complete all the operation which can be up, down, left and right swing omnidirectional and suitable for road removal of dead corner.
 Rear manual high pressure spray gun which configures a 20 meters long hose has large range of operation. In response to a variety of operating mode, it also configures the four professional nozzle and is the bane of street small advertisement.
 The use of seven hand push type high-pressure nozzle cleaning device with small flow clean water curtain can clean the area of vehicle impassable roads and blind stitch. The device adopts a folding structure, convenient and quick, water-saving environmental protection.
 The car is also equipped with light and small, and have prevent sputtering shielding water broom, to clean  the side of the road stool, narrow platform, walls and other areas.
 The water tanks adopts integral stainless steel, the earthquake resistance is strong, not deformation, not rust. Water tank with low water level sensing alarm device, prevent damage of high pressure water pump for lack of water.
  With the below front view camera device and indoor color LCD display in the driving cab to observe the traffic and cleaning effect at any moment.
 The vehicle equipped with variety of practical devices such as the rear up spray device and rear down spray device of cooling dust, adjust air humidity to meet the actual work needs; Also can with side washing guardrail device with large flow, high pressure, anti-collision function and with the function of fertilization using of fertilizing stirrer and fertilizing gun.

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