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Product Features

● Contains loading, transportation and dumping in one car, without any auxiliary equipment and it’s convenient and simple to operate.
● More than a car box, loop transportation, improve the efficiency of vehicle use, reduce the cost.
● Hook arm system uses complete sets of famous-brand equipment. It’s safe and reliable, light weight with large quality.
● Hook arm system adopts slide-type structure, the hook is convenient, easy maintenance and lift unloading cabinet limit is high which saves the space length.
● Set the connected alarm device between chassis and mobile garbage compression cabinet. It ensures that before the release of hydraulic quick connector and body and hook arm system can't unload case, even if the wrong operation can also ensure the safety of hydraulic pipeline.
● Configured the sewage boxes, ensure enclosure water dripping in transit will not cause secondary pollution to the city road.
● Configured the cleaning system, after the rubbish dump, the vehicles and the box body can be self-cleaning and also can clean the joint surface and sealing strip of the rear cabin door and effectively improve the service life of the sealing strip, ensure the garbage box sealing performance for a long time.
All operations are conducted in the driving room, the operation is simple, convenient and reduces the intensity of the operators.

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