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  • FLM5163TSLD4
  • FLM5163TSLD4
  • FLM5163TSLD4
  • FLM5163TSLD4

  4 Sweepers in the middle and Rear Suction Nozzle. Sweeping plates have 3 forms of operations: Full Sweeping, Front-Left or Front-Right Sweeping. It is also able to avoid obstacle automatically.

  Suction Nozzle: It is a roll-sweeping nozzle which can avoid garbage remaining. The roller has 3 floatable supporters in order to adapt to different road environment, which is the first advanced innovation in Mainland. It is able to install the new leaves sweeping nozzle, which its patent of technology is protected by nation.

  Dustbin is made by SUS304 single layer stainless steel with high structural strength. 

  The outline of Dustbin is designed with curve to let it be more artistic.

  Some structures like sweeping plate and suction nozzle adopt the process of pickling, phosphatingand electrostatic spray paint.

  It has several warning system, including low water position for water box, vehicle working and reversing, auxiliary engine water temperature, engine oil pressure, hydraulic oil leakage, dustbin tipping and return position, rear door opening and closing, etc.

  For emergency status, the operations of dustbin, suction nozzle and sweeping plate can be controlled by manual pump. Workers are also able to go inside the auxiliary engine cab for inspection and repairing in special condition.

  It is operated by intelligent control system. All electrical and hydraulic equipment controlling are all-in-one, in order to simplify drivers’ operation.

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