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  • FLM5070TXSQ5
  • FLM5070TXSQ5
  • FLM5070TXSQ5
  • FLM5070TXSQ5

The truck with high pressure water pumps control independently and can switch between sweeping and cleaning function at any time. It integrates road sweeping truck and road cleaning truck. The truck is multi-purpose and the four seasons are available.
The truck adopts the device with 4 disc brush plates in the middle with V-shaped spray water forms and nozzles.
Adopts Imported large flow and high pressure water pump, to make it has strong cleaning ability; Using high pressure centrifugal fan to make suction capability is strong.
High pressure cleaning system adopts V-typed nozzle, half around suction nozzle and the high pressure without clearance spray nozzle device.
Adopting sewage discharge valve device can effectively separate the sewage and sludge. According to the sewage situation in the garbage tank can discharge the waste water separately to effectively prolong the truck continuous working time and improve the working efficiency.
The garbage tank can automatic tipping and discharging and with high-pressure automatic cleaning device to make it can wash out the garbage tank quickly
Equipped with high-pressure cleaning gun, to clean the whole truck automatically and can also clear out the pedestrian space, street small advertisement.
Two paragraphs around spray frame with functions of automatic obstacle avoidance. Has a variety of security alarm system: fresh tank low water, sewage bin high water level, operation tips, auxiliary engine water temperature, oil pressure, reverse tips, etc.(hydraulic oil leakage, dustbin, tipping and reset, the back door open and close security alarm device is optional.).
Brushes touching ground pressure are automatically controlled by hydraulic and to avoid the status of the uneven when the road changes in the process of operation; after sweeping brush wear it’s no need manual adjustment.
Adopting Japanese imported Omron PLC programming and intelligent control system to realize he implementation of all actions in the driving room.

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