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FLM5160TXSD5(2 brush plates)

Product Features

  • FLM5160TXSD5(2 brush plates)
  • FLM5160TXSD5(2 brush plates)
  • FLM5160TXSD5(2 brush plates)
  • FLM5160TXSD5(2 brush plates)

The garbage tank uses upper and lower double  beam shape, the modelling of large lateral curvature and tank stresses uniform  to make the structure performance is strong and beautiful.

The  working device adopts 2 brush plates in the middle with installed high-pressure  main spray lance and around high-pressure side spray lance.

Left  and right side v-shaped spray lance and suction nozzle built-in main spray  lance and high-pressure no clearance water nozzle arrangement can effective  cast sewage and garbage all round up to the suction nozzle after cleaning and  absorbed into waste water tank to make the road leave no dust, water and road  cleaning, washing and waste water recycling better.

Adopting  sewage discharge valve device can effectively separate the sewage and sludge.  According to the sewage situation in the garbage tank can discharge the waste  water separately to effectively prolong the truck continuous working time and  improve the working efficiency.

Clean water tank and garbage tank separately  arrange can efficient maximize the space and prolong the continuous operation  time. At the same time through the waste water discharge by blow-off pipe in  the operation can add the clean water to continue the operation; garbage tank  with double oil cylinder self-discharge and installed two large flow low  pressure nozzle can be a wash out the garbage tank quickly.

Brushes touching ground pressure are  automatically controlled by hydraulic and to avoid the status of the uneven  when the road changes in the process of operation; after sweeping brush wear  it’s no need manual adjustment.

The  clean water tank and garbage tank all adopts SUS304 stainless steel to avoid  corrosion.

Equipped  with low-pressure water system and around side washing device to make it  possible to wash and clean six lanes one time and the nozzle can adjust up and  down freely.

Equipped with a variety of security alarm  system: fresh tank low water, sewage bin high water level, operation tips,  auxiliary engine water temperature, oil pressure, reverse tips, etc.(hydraulic  oil leakage, dustbin, tipping and reset, the back door open and close security  alarm device is optional).

Adopting Japanese imported Omron PLC programming  and intelligent control system to realize he implementation of all actions in  the driving room.

Around  Sweep plate with pneumatic control of the protection and restoration of  obstacle avoidance function, high side spray lance with functions of  bidirectional automatic obstacle avoidance protection and restoration.

The  middle installed wide nozzle has the function of hydraulic floating can  effectively prolong the service life of rubber roller.

High pressure  water pump separation and combination adopts pneumatic clutch friction plate  when working it joints softly to make long service life.

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