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  • FLM5070GQXQ4
  • FLM5070GQXQ4
  • FLM5070GQXQ4

Used Isuzu EURO Ⅳ chassis. Because of small size, it’s suitable for small streets.
As the high pressure water pump driven by vice engine separately, the operation is not influent and limited by the main truck and also the main truck won’t influent its performance because of the special device without chassis.
The front high pressure cleaning device is composed of three sections of cleaning rack and the cleaning width reach to 2.5 meters with a complete plane formed by three sections high pressure water curtain. Clean overhanging arm with obstacle avoidance function and curb collision produced no structural damage.
Equipped with high-pressure cleaning gun which can be used to clean the road signs, billboards and the truck body, etc.
Power unit driven by hydraulic system and auxiliary engine drive high pressure pumps. These two sets of device are independent and without influence each other, also the maintenance is convenient.

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