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As the truck use the EUROⅣ QL11609MFRY chassis, the truck is energy conservation and environment protection.
The truck has two sets high-pressure and low-pressure water route systems which the auxiliary engine drive the high pressure and the low-pressure driven by the chassis engine. The speed and the high-pressure water pump operate separately and the speed of high-pressure is flexible.
Used the domestic initiate cleaning mode of high-pressure washing function and watering washing function to adapt to the different road cleaning. Also these two functions can operate together and also can operate separately.
The truck is equipped with high reliability and free-pollution air-operated system and all operations can finish in the cab.
The front high pressure cleaning device is composed of three sections of cleaning rack and with a complete plane formed by three sections high pressure water curtain. Clean overhanging arm with obstacle avoidance function and curb collision produced no structural damage.
Equipped with multi-angle single-point dredging function and it’s suitable for cleaning the blind angle.
The truck has the front and rear watering function and the nozzles are with different characteristics. The front nozzles have high pressure and can watering six-road street once and the rear nozzles are suitable for cooling and dustfall.
The truck is equipped with left-middle and right-rear columnar flankers, the nozzles can adjust flexible of left and right, up and down.
The tank is made by special-handing 16Mn board and anti-corrosion. Also the tank is optional with anti-corrosion steel board which are suitable for snow-melting and realize one truck with multi-tanks.
The truck is equipped with workbench in the rear and with high-pressure watering gun to fire protection and the gun can adjust to columnar and vaporific. In the back of the cab is also equipped with high-pressure cleaning gun to cleaning the guidepost、advertising board or the truck body.
Switch control valve parts and sprinkler system pipe all adopt corrosion resistant material.
Water tank is equipped with low water level sensor alarm system, alarm automatically when water level is low.
Equipped with pipe defroster device to avoid the watercourse freeze and damage the water spray system.

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