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  • FLM5160TCAD5
  • FLM5160TCAD5
  • FLM5160TCAD5
  • FLM5160TCAD5

● Dustbin, fresh water, sewage, back door, screw machine (optional) and accessories made of stainless steel material to ensure all the year round does not rust. The overall frame structure, large surface side arc bodies have strong resistance to deformation ability and long service life.
● Back door adopts adjustable locking mechanism (patent no. : ZL 2010 2 0185580.3), and hydraulic equipment with safety protection. Adopts hydraulic, mechanical design of double insurance to ensure the vehicle garbage box and the back door strip reliable sealing when using and prevent the back door loose disclosure or open automatically and ensure all kinds of swill and other kitchen waste in a closed state when in the process of collecting and transporting.
● At the bottom of the boxes equipped with sewage collection and discharging device which can collect excess water drainage. The boxes have independent airtight emissions to ensure without pollution during operation.
● Right with lifting and self-locking pressure barrels institutions (patent no. : ZL 2010 2 0640049.0), 120l&240l standard trash cans are compatible to lift; Loading process are designed sequentially and smoothly, safely and reliably and with high degree of automation.
● Lifting mechanism and the cover plate is moving institutions, in the process of loading and unloading of garbage transport can make the dustbin in the closed state, ensure that does not produce secondary pollution during the transfer process.
● According to user needs closed screw discharge mechanism is optional.
● Discharging mode: open push board fast discharging; closed spiral discharge.
● In the process of garbage collection, it can preliminary separate and compress the waste into solids and liquids to reduce the capacity. Preliminary separation of oil, water and other liquids into the vehicle's own sewage box, the user can accord the need of oil, water and other liquids independent discharge in the closed state.

Operating system optimization design with PLC programming control, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

Vehicle washing equipment (pressure of 180 bars) is optional which can wash out the vehicle and the surroundings.

Video monitoring device is optional which can monitor the garbage filling process or discharging process.

Other forms garbage bin lifting device are optional.

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