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  • FLM5160TDYD4
  • FLM5160TDYD4
  • FLM5160TDYD4
  • FLM5160TDYD4
  • FLM5160TDYD4
  • FLM5160TDYD4

Adopt vehicular cluster engine to supply power and via automatic voltage regulator adjust the output voltage of electric generator and dispense with manual operate.
Adopt environmental protection and dedusting mist sprayer makes the structure compact, the firing range distant, the mist slight and cover area large and all the operations can be done by hand or by telecontrol. All the operations can be viewed in the cab monitor.
Use the micromotor, the mist sprayer can rotate left and right and driven by hydraulic system, the angle of pitch can reach to -10o~40o. The speed of angle transfer is fast which ensure the working efficient.
The truck has emergency stop button and makes the operation safe and reliable.
The truck uses the self-suction twin-stage centrifugal pump and the pump is driven by chassis engine and uses the domestic initiative flatness washing model.
The truck has front spraying, rear spraying and front washing functions. It’s not only can use as watering but also can humidify, dust falling and road-cleaning.
The truck is equipped with left-middle and right-rear columnar flankers, the nozzles can adjust flexible of left and right, up and down.
The water route is controlled by high reliability and free-pollution air-operated system which is convenient and flexible.
The rear high-pressure water gun controls flexible. It not only can use to spray washing various height object, can clean out some uneasy blind corner but also used to fire fighting and greening watering. The gun can adjust to columnar flanker and vaporific.
The structure of the truck is compact and reasonable. As the volume of tank is large, the working time is long.
Switch control valves and water sprinkler system pipes are made by anti-corrosion material. The tank is made by high strength manganese steel and inside is processed by special fabrication.
Water tank is equipped with low water level sensor alarm system, alarm automatically when water level is low.

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