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Fulongma Shows Extraordinary Results at The Eighth Channel Machinery Expo opened in Longyan

2017-11-18 7 Share

Channel Machinery Exposition is one of the key machinery exhibitions which government of Fujian province treats as, and also is the largest and finest exhibition hosted by Longyan every year during Nov 8th to Nov 10th. And it has been held seven times successfully since it was approved by Department of Commerce in 2010.

The Eighth Channel Machinery Exposition opens at Longyan convention center on Nov 8th. The Fulongma’s products, such as All-Weather Road Washing& Cleaning truck, Dynamic Decoupling Single-engine Road Washing& Cleaning truck, Multiple Dust Suppression Truck, Compressive Garbage Truck and so on more than 10 new products, will appear extraordinarily during the expo.

Chairman Zhang is shaking hands with guests

General Manager Zhang is introducing products to guests

Vice-general Manager Bai is in an interview

Guests gain insight into Fulongma’s products

“Sanitation station” designed by Fulongma attracts a large number of guests.