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Longma Environmental Sanitation: to be the environment protector for the BRICS meeting

2017-09-06 0 Share

On September 3, 2017, China, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, India, the five leaders and guests gathered in Xiamen island of China, the ninth " BRICS leaders meeting” will be held in international conference center and exhibition center of Xiamen. As the China's most important diplomatic activities at home in the second half of 2017, the No.1 domestic environment sanitation company – Fujian Longma Environment Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd will take this great challenge to go all out to maintain environmental healthy during the BRICS meeting in the face of the world's eyes.

To help BRICS, to shoulder the glory and responsibility

Xiamen purchases FULONGMA’s products by batch in 2017, being worth nearly 70,000,000RMB totally, including garbage compression truck, kitchen garbage truck, road washing&cleaning truck and so on. Those vehicles will be around Xiamen Island and regard international conference center and exhibition center as key areas to implement sanitation work with high quality, high level and high demand. Of which the road washing&sweeping truck and the high pressure cleaning truck will be mainly in charge of sanitation work of international conference center and exhibition center and the surrounding, to ensure Xiamen could keep in a more clean and tidy appearance to welcome guests from all over the world during the BRICS meeting.

Full committed, FULONGMA’s in action

Longma Environmental Sanitation made perfect equipment-service support scheme in order to guarantee all of equipment being in good working condition during the BRICS meeting. The support scheme is divided into four phases, including census of equipment, stock accessories, maintenance, security committed. There are nearly 120 vehicles of Environmental Sanitation in Xiamen island according to what related officers introduce, whose market share is the industry's first. During the BRICS meeting, company's after-sales personnel and after-sales service vehicles are on call in 24 hours, responding to service demand at any time.

Service event, to show beautiful Xiamen

Since Xiamen Longma environmental sanitation engineering co., Ltd established in February 2016, which has signed or won the bidding of Xiamen city sanitation services business contract whose amount exceeds 60 million RMB. Service areas include Siming district, Huli district, Jimei district, and the scope of services include urban road cleaning services, garbage collection, and transporting and sanitation security services and so on. In 2017, as China will nominate Xiamen as garbage sorting pilot city, Longma environment sanitation will keep pace with new era, to customize garbage sorting and residential garbage classification collection as a whole solution for Xiamen ----- Environmental Protection Station Model. This model is from multiple perspectives, through the integration of the online and offline, launching residential garbage classification activities in the angle of innovative, flexible, diverse ways. And the participation rate and awareness rate of the residents in the community are 100 % and the accuracy rate is above 90 %.