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Beautiful Pearl of South China Sea, We Care

2016-07-18 43 Share

Sansha, one of four prefecture-level cities in Hainan, locate in the South China Sea, the southernmost latitude in China, which administer the islands and sea area of Xisha Islands, the Nansha Islands and Zhongsha Islands. The nature scene is very beautiful like chains of pearls, covering 13 square kilometer island area and over 2,600,000 square kilometer sea area. The local government attach importance to maintaining the sanitation and hygiene of natural environment, large-scale environmental sanitation equipment---Fulongma Brand Road Sweeping Truck, was introduced in 2014, which greatly improved the ability of environmental and sanitation operation.. In July, when the rival territorial claims have intensified, with the special approval of some related departments, Fulongma dispatch our engineers to inspect the vehicles to make sure the stable and reliable operation in tropical ocean environment. Fulongma make contribution to “Beautiful Sansha, Happy Sansha” with practical actions.