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Fujian Province Held the Advance Meeting about the Integration of Urban and Rural Sanitation Disposal Mode

2016-06-16 18 Share

On Jun 12th, 2016, in order to boost the Fujian Province environmental sanitation service transformation and upgrading and further improve urban and rural human settlement and imitate Fulongma expand environmental sanitation service useful exploring and experience around China in Haikou city, Shenyang city, Xiamen city and Longyan city and so on, the Fujian Province building office solemnly held the integration of urban and rural sanitation disposal mode advance meeting in Longyan. Mr. Wang Shengxi, the deputy director-general of Fujian province building office, Mr. Wang Long, the deputy mayor of Longyan and other related leader from the Fujian province building office, all environmental sanitation competent department of all cities and towns and the leader of Fujian Longma Environmental Sanitation Equipment Co., Ltd attended

On the meeting, Mr. Zhang Guichao, the Fulongma board director and the general manager expressed thanks to the all the leaders and introduced and analyzed the present stage our China environmental sanitation service marketization situation and also shared the Fulongma environmental industry integration advantages, implementation procedures, Fulongm PPP service items and environmental sanitation integration service item project implementation operation situation and experience and summarized the environmental sanitation integration four in on project management model. Mr. Bai Yunlong Doctor, the vice-general manager of Fulongma introduced our newest environmental sanitation equipment and showed the mechanical working optimization model about the sweeping and cleaning-keeping and the garbage collecting and transferring.

At last, Mr. Wang Shengxi, the deputy director-general of Fujian province building office summarized the meeting. He said compared with the foreign market and introduced the meeting background and purpose and spoke highly of the manage idea and operation pattern and thought our integration model can improve the efficiency and cut down the environmental sanitation cost and conform to the province required development request. Mr. Wang also deployment the next stage work and encouraged should represented by our company to carry on environmental improvement duty and make use of our accumulated operation experience and take actively in the urban and rural environmental sanitation integration process and speed up boost to carry out the urban and rural environmental sanitation integration model.