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Manpower Policy

Why Fulongma?

FUJIAN LONGMA ENVIRONMENTAL SANITATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, a leading player in the global environmental sanitation equipment machinery industry. We are fully aware that talents are key to the lasting prosper of our company. Our strategic goal is to become environmental sanitation equipment specialist with markets all over the globe, as well as an employer trusted by various nationalities and ethnicities.
When you come to sign in at our company, we will sign the formal labor contract with you strictly following the labor law. Sincerely welcome to be a member of Fulongma!

We offer a salary that is competitive in our field and have established a proper and scientific remuneration distribution mode and a salary adjustment institution that are incentive-oriented. We show respect to value differences among different posts and set up a flexible salary system according to each post.
We provide multiple welfare benefits for our employees. We not only pay for our employees' statutory insurance but also offer those free physical examinations, and affect accident insurance for those who go on a business trip.
Also our staff can enjoy the legal holidays and annual leaves.On occasions such as wedding, breeding, birthday, illness and so forth, staff can receive gifts and money warmly prepared by the company.
In addition, we distribute free company uniforms.

Fulongma pays high importance to the development of its staff and creates a harmonious working environment. According to the properties and features of different posts, we have set up development pathways for posts including managerial, professional, technical and marketing etc. The development of staff is combined with performance assessment and remuneration, which meets the needs of people's development pretty well. Meanwhile, the company has built scientific talent appraisal system and a selection-elimination mechanism, pushes forward the echelon formation of the talents across the board and provides diversified developing opportunities for the staff.

The company advocates the learning theory of "self-improvement and self-transcending". Moreover, we also adopted diversified training forms with post instructor, course teaching and staff self-learning combined.
At present, the company is creating a healthy atmosphere in learning of all members, of groups and of lifelong process. Fulongma aims to render itself a learning-oriented organization, as well as to realize the consistent and coordinative development of the enterprise itself and the staff.
● Orientation Training
Choosing Fulongma is to accept and adapt to its mode. Every newcomer is supposed to attend the Orientation training, which comprises two phases--training on general knowledge and training on specialized knowledge and skills. General training lasts for 2 days, with courses including corporate culture, Fulongma's past and future development, company's regulations, introduction to our products, safety education, development of staff occupation and so on. Specialized training varies in accordance with posts.
● Diversified Training Programs for Post Skills
We have diversified training programs for post skills specifically intended for all staff in all levels, helping them effectively improve their skills.
● Skill Competitions among Technicians
There are skill competitions among technicians every year, which serves as a showcase for them to present themselves and communicate with fellow workers.
Fulongma, your platform for passion and dream of future.