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Brand Culture

Our Mission
Become an expert in environment protection with strong progressive spirit
Our Vision
Become a leader in integrated environmental sanitation solutions
Core Values
Practicality , innovation, efficiency, dedication
Operational Concept
Innovation and reformation for sustainable operation.
Management Principle
High, Strict, meticulous, and thorough
• High – High starting point, high standards, high efficiency and high rewards.
• Strict – Strict management and discipline.
• Meticulous – Meticulous work plan and scrupulous work style.
• Thorough – Confirm after assigning the work; conduct the work steadily and report the actual conditions.

Work Principle
Sound plans, regular inspection and feedback are necessities for the management.
Focus on the target and pursue a good result for every work.
Do what you should do actively and do not give up halfway.
Success lies in unremitting tenacity and perseverance.

Four “Services”
The superiors serve the staff of lower level; all the staff shall serve the marketing and service staff; and staff that conducts the previous process serves the staff that conducts the next process; and all the staff serve the customers.

Five “Mutual”
Mutual respect, mutual understanding, mutual care, mutual cooperation and mutual supervision 
A good work environment is the foundation for success. Only when the work environment is established on the basis of the five “Mutual”, can it be healthy and steady.

Seven Standards of Conduct
Be sincere to customers, be devoted to the company, be responsible for  the staff and be persistent in the work; compliant with superiors, cultivate  the staff and help your colleagues.
Longma people shall follow the above seven standards of conduct.